Friday, 12 October 2012

Unofficial cricket series of disabled cricket in India

A.W. Siddiqui
Amir uddin Ansari
Message flagged
Saturday, October 13, 2012 10:02 AM
Mr Amir uddin Ansari
Secretary ,
Pakistan Disabled Cricket Association
Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that , Indian Cricket Federation for Disabled (ICFD) India
is least concerned with the Association which has been conducting Cricket matches
between India & Pakistan Disabled players.So called such Association is not affiliated to ICFD.
There is no any national cricket team for disabled exists in our knowledge.
We have previously informed you with our relevant documents that we are an apex body in India
which has been involved in over all cricket activities in India for last 8 years.Though we have no any
affiliation to BCCI.As you know BCCI has no any interest in the promotion of Cricket for Disabled
in India.ICFD being a governing body has granted affiliation to 34 state Associations including several
Institutions having similar objectives. We never promote & recognize such bogus associations. They are making fool to
the innocent players.Such events are totally unofficial and should not be given importance by media too.
Thanking you,
Dr A.W.Siddiqui
Secretary General -ICFD(India)
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